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Tax Services

At Canterbury Accountants & Taxation Specialists Ltd we view our specialised services not as an overhead or necessary evil, but as a great opportunity to review your business.

Our team will work closely with you to get to know your business. We use the latest computerised systems, and based around a detailed review of accounts, and then we are able to offer an objective view of your business advise you of any potential problem areas. 

Income - Exactly what is deemed Income.
The definition of income is defined under law, and things that you may consider to be non taxable, the government may think otherwise. The only way to be sure - Talk to the tax experts - we make it easy

FIF - So you have investments in overseas countries - I never get any income so I have nothing to declare, Right? Well maybe. Depending on how much is invested and where it is, even some overseas pension funds are subject to the FIF rules. See the experts at CATS to that you do not get any surprises

PAYE - All my staff are contractors so I don't have to worry - Right? Depends on what industry you are in - as Inland Revenue insist that some types of employees have PAYE deducted at source - no matter what type of contract they are on.

ACC - What industry, what hours, are you administration or on the "tools"? What about Cover Plus - All these things have an effect on the total premium paid. Talk to us to make things easy - and potentially cheaper.

ECST - Do you provide superanuation? Kiwi Saver? Then you have to account for ECST. No idea what ECST is? Well its a tax and must be reported monthly to IRD.

IMPUTATION - I don't need to declare dividends because they are Tax paid - True, but if you declare them you might receive a refund. And what about Australian company tax - can I get that back?